Replacement Insurance

We provide 2 types of replacement insurance services for the our different kinds of metal credit cards:

1) Laser engrave credit card ( the numbers and letters are lasered onto the card, and the surface is flat)

We provide one year of free replacement service for laser engrave credit cards. Service includes lost or stolen cards, we only accept maximum 2 replacement requests for the duration of 1 year.

2) Embossed credit card ( the numbers and letters are moulded onto the card, and the surface is not flat)

50usd is required per year for card replacement service because the production process of embossed credit card takes up a considerable amount of time. Service includes lost or stolen cards, we only accept maximum 1 replacement request for the duration of 1 year.

(Note: During service term, you are responsible for 30usd express shipping cost for both laser engraved or embossed credit card.)

Safe Production

We will give you instructions on how to transfer the EMV Chip from your plastic card to our metal credit / debit cards . You are not required to provide password and 3 digit CVV code during this process. Thus, this process is absolutely safe. 

Certainly , We also offer free service for transfer EMC Chip and Magnetic stripe . Remeber Lock your card before send it to us .

Free Design

We provide free design service for both individual customers and corporate customers. You are only required to tell us your design ideas. We will send you design plan within 48 hours. We are experienced enough to provide you with a metal credit card design that is in a class by oneself.


Without doubt, best price is one of the biggest advantage as a production factory. We will deliver the customised cards to you directly for free without any hidden fees. You are only required to pay a minimum 99usd to change your plastic credit card into metal, isn’t it crazy? 

Advantage of Manufacturer

We are a factory (sunonemade.com) that specializes in producing and designing metal card. Metal Credit Kard is one of our  brand that specializes in designing and producing credit cards. Other than providing individual customized service, we also provide service to bank.

If you need to customize a metal credit card for your bank, we can provide you with everything from material options to design and production. We have a deep understanding of the production of metal card. Hence, we know how to make the design of your metal credit card stand out among the rest.

Fast Turnaround Time

1)  For customized laser engrave credit card: We usually complete the production within 48 hours and then deliver via DHL or UPS.

2) For customized embossed credit card: We will need to use high tonnage punching machine for production and so the process gets rather complicated. Thus, we need to spend more time to produce it. However, we will still finish producing your card within 7-10 working days, and send it out via express mail.