Plastic Credit Cards vs. Metal Credit Cards: Which is the Best Pick?

Plastic Credit Cards vs. Metal Credit Cards: Which is the Best Pick ?

Metal credit cards act as plastic counterparts; but they have different materials which are heavier. Such cards can be made from Gold, brushed stainless steel, copper, brass, palladium, and titanium. Some of them are even designed with a mix of metal and plastic. These cards are the first choice for all those people who want latest innovations. But now the question is should you choose metal cards over plastic ones? Let’s check out some differences of them: –

  1. When you compare Metal Debit Card Chase with plastic ones, you will find them heavier. But they are much durable than their plastic cousins.
  2. If we talk about plastic cards, they can snap and bend easily. Also, the information printed on them fades over the time. On the other hand, metal credit cards are indestructible. Even you have to approach your issuer if you want to dispose them.
  3. On the perspective of look and feel, Personalized Credit Card wins the race. You can make it attractive with a unique design, taglines or beautiful images. Unlike plastic cards, they can give you a sense of luxury.

We, at Metal Credit Kards, are one of the top companies that help people to convert their old & boring plastic debit/credit cards into metal ones. Our entire process is fully secured, quick, and safe. Our company also offers 365 days free replacement insurance which covers stolen and lost engrave cards.

Metal credit Card Holder

If you are a Metal Credit Card Holder and want to customize it, then you can approach us for material options ranging from design to production. When it comes to doorstep delivery, we offer fast shipping through UPS or DHL. We understand how sensitive is your financial data. So, you can expect full security from our company. You Can also Read About Types of Amex Card from here.

Don’t know the entire process? Just talk to us before placing your order with us. We will let you know about our entire process.

To get detailed information about our company and products, just log on to our website today!

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